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21st December, 2022

Best Gutter Cleaning Technicians in Burwood!

Plants are such eye candy, there’s no argument for that. They serve as a huge reminder of nature’s beauty and how we are lucky that we get to experience it. For many people, taking good care of plants is necessary and they even invest time in cultivating different plants in their gardens. Though, there are certain spots where plants are not supposed to grow into. A very good example of this is none other than gutters. This is not a rare occurrence as it can happen to anyone, especially if they do not look after their gutters. Just a week ago, we had yet another plants-in-the-gutters case in Burwood. Sit back, enjoy reading and find out how our local gutter technician in Burwood, Jessen, solved it.

The customer called asking for help with his gutters. He said he and his family went overseas for half a year and just returned last month. What’s interesting is that they had a caretaker but unfortunately, the care was not enough. When they returned, the gutters were already in a bad state. Aside from the gutters having debris sticking inside, a humongous plant also grew in there. This is one of those cases when we say that plants are a beauty, but not everywhere. It’s not new to our gutter guys to see cases like this. The worst we had was even bigger than this one!

We happily informed the customer that we can help and so we set the appointment for the following week. He was all good with the schedule as he still had a few things to settle. The job was booked on Jessen, one of our best gutter technicians in Burwood. On the day of the appointment, Jessen arrived perfectly on time. As it has always been our standard procedure, he inspected the gutters to see how they were doing. Given how hefty the amount of soil was in the gutters, it was not hard to see how uncomfortable it was for the gutters.

Oh yeah, we felt for the gutters! You can only imagine the amount of dirt there was that it became a perfect spot for plants to grow on. All the water trapped inside turned the dirt moist. This required a tough cleaning to make way for the water to flow to the downpipes. But, the downpipes were a little clogged as well. The situation being a bit of a pebble in the shoe, needed resolving as soon as possible. Otherwise, things will get a lot worse.

Jessen started his work by uprooting the wild weeds and taking out his weapon afterwards—our ever-powerful industrial vacuum to remove all the earth, debris and other rubble from the gutters. Our buddy never fails us and it helps our techs work quicker and more efficiently. This has always been a lifesaver. The downpipes being a little clogged at the entrance, needed a cleaning as well. It was almost a miracle that the downpipes did not get badly clogged.

After removing all the unwelcome stuff from the gutters, Jessen had to perform another inspection to make sure that everything was truly okay. Given how long the gutters were carrying that burden, Jessen had to have peace of mind before leaving. Thankfully, there were no holes or damages on the gutters. Jessen was bloody relieved!

After Jessen’s work, he showed the customer how the gutters looked and the customer was happy about the results. He thanked Jessen and our team for such clean work and requested that we can make regular appointments for him. We happily obliged and let our customer care team know about the request. That was a blessing, mate! Who are we to say no? The customer left such an awesome review for Jessen and Mr Gutter Cleaning.

Having trouble with your gutters? This is the time to take your worries off your shoulders as we have available gutter technicians in Victoria. Our team of well-trained and professional technicians knows how to do the job right! Call us on 13 11 49 today for gutter cleaning in Burwood or Victoria. Talk to us today and let’s start cleaning your gutters!

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