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19th December, 2022

Bird Proofing the Solar Panels to drive Birds Away Safely

Birds living under solar panels? Given how vast the population of flora and fauna is, this is not a rare issue for Aussies. Birds love to nest everywhere as long as they find it convenient and suitable for resting. For solar panel owners across the country, this has been a major issue that they deal with now and then. It has already become normal that all they have to do is hire professional gutter cleaners nearby to clean up the mess these birds leave. Oh well! Now, is there a way how to prevent birds from nesting in solar panels? The answer, our friends, is yes. We recently dealt with pesky birds not long ago and bird poo was not a very nice sight, to tell you honestly! Well, here’s how it goes:

A week earlier, a customer from Point Cook was experiencing solar panel issues lately and decided it was time to do something about it. Birds have lived up his roof and he was serious when he said he needed to drive the birds away from solar panels. The customer said that he had been dealing with these birds ever since the solar panels were installed. Since then, there are times when he can’t peacefully sleep at night because it felt like the birds were having a late-night party up on the roof. Other than the fact that they were scattering poop on the solar panels, they were also very noisy and annoying. We have to commend the customer’s patience though!

To solve this, Jessen, our newest addition to our team of professional solar panel cleaning experts in Point Cook, went to help the customer out. He quickly inspected the solar panels upon his arrival to check if there will be anything that will get in the way of the bird net installation. Thankfully, the solar panels were all good and ready. As much as we’d like to talk to birds and tell them to stay away, it’s not that simple. Number one, we don’t speak bird language and number two, birds are badasses that get to do whatever they want. Cool, but not cool for solar panels! They were already causing too much trouble and are compromising the customer’s rest time at night. Off Jessen goes to start with the installation procedure.

First, Jessen had to clean all the mess they left under the solar panels. Gross, but it was mandatory to get rid of all the bird poo for a fresh start. If not cleaned properly, they will just accumulate more and more and will just cause the solar panels After making sure all the corners and the underneath was clean, Jessen installed a bird mesh to prevent birds from living rent-free under the solar panels. Sorry, birds! Time to find a new home this time.

After finishing his task in under an hour, Jessen showed photos of the neat installation to the customer. The customer was joyed to see how professional and neat-looking it was. At this point, the customer has gotten his peaceful sleep back and his solar panels are as clean as ever. So if you ever wonder, “Can I bird-proof my solar panels?” Yes, mate. You sure can! Call us and we’ll get it done.

It’s possible to keep birds away from your solar panels without hurting them. Remember, birds are creatures who also need to survive and live just like us so it’s important to be kind to them, too. For safe and effective bird-proofing for solar panels, hire our bird net installers in Victoria today! Dial 13 11 49 or book an appointment here!

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