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31st December, 2022

Cleaning Gutters filled with Gum Tree Leaves

It is such a blissful feeling to have finally found a perfect place to start a new life and build a family. Whether it is a vast or small town, how it makes us feel is the most important. How does one define a perfect home? Truly, it depends. But as a standard, as long as it is safe, comfortable, and full of love, this is already one great start for everything. Several suburbs in Australia offer beautiful neighbourhoods that are perfect for living and starting a new life. You just have to pick the right one and just like true love, you know you’ll click for life.

Gutter Cleaning in a tree-clogged area

Hurstbridge is a suburb 28 kilometres away from Melbourne’s CBD. Known for its distinctive location, this pretty suburb is a good spot for hanging out with friends, reconnecting with nature, and spending time with your loved ones. Just recently, we got a service call here and we were delighted to have serviced the customer. He was such a kind fella! One of our customer care team members had a quick chat with him and the reason for his call was he needed a gutter cleaning service for his house in Hurstbridge. It was not a new home as he had been living in Hurstbridge for many years now. He said he used to move from one place to another for years looking for the perfect place to live. When he set foot in Hurstbridge, that was when he already knew he found the perfect one.

Our local Heroes for cleaning gutters

John, our local gutter cleaning technician in Hurstbridge set out to help the customer. When John arrived at the customer’s location, he did a quick inspection of the gutters and downpipes right away. It was a handful of mess and a huge eyesore. The customer’s home was surrounded by gum trees and it was such a huge headache for the gutters. Imagine showering with gum tree leaves almost every day. Isn’t that annoying? You can only imagine how the gutters frown when leaves pile up on them. Like, “Give us a break, will ya?”
We are in this cleaning gutter business for several years now, and no gutters are tough enough for us to clean. We always have solutions depending on the state of dirty gutters!

Our boys have experience with all sorts of dirty gutters so this was a piece of cake.

John started battling with these nasty dried leaves right after he arrived. He used a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner to suck out all the fallen leaves from the gutters. Given that several trees hugged the house, John suggested a routine of cleaning gutters on a six-month basis. This will prevent the leaves from piling up too much, making them much easier to clean. John also had to check for clogging in the downpipes; and found a handful of leaves stuck there. John had to remove them as well to make way for the water flow.

After a few tough hours of work, John was able to complete the job and leave the gutters nice and tidy. Since the customer was away during that time, we sent him the before and after photos of his gutters. He replied to thank John and our team for a job well done and left an awesome five-star review on our page.

Needless to say, gutters require more attention if a house is situated under trees. Neglecting them for too long will cause more serious gutter problems in the long run. Prevent these problems from arising by hiring gutter cleaning professionals as early as today! Mr Gutter Cleaning has gutter cleaners in Victoria that are available to help you out. For gutter cleaning assistance, call our customer service hotline on 13 11 49!

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