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19th November, 2022

Why You Should Trust Mr. Gutter Cleaning?

Why You Should Trust Mr Gutter Cleaning?

Running a business, big or small, almost has the same amount of energy, effort, and dedication required. It is incredibly important how businessmen and women handle a company. This defines the success or failure of their business. Other than having a positive mental attitude and pouring out a lot of passion into the business. Customer relations is also one of the most critical aspects that determine the success of any business.

Having a good relationship with customers entices them to support the business more by availing goods and services repeatedly or even recommending them to friends and family. All in all, if you have incredible customer service, then they will come back again and again. Our humble company started its dream many years ago. Today, we are more than proud of the clientele we were able to build and how they continue to keep trusting us. Allow us to share another heartwarming story from one of our customers in Harkaway.

So, why you should trust Mr Gutter Cleaning? It was 15 years ago when they started living in this stunning neighbourhood that’s just 20 minutes away from the central business district. They loved the place so much and the first time they settled in, they knew this was home. They are always at their best in terms of keeping their home neat. Checking up on the gutters has become a routine for them. They are pretty much aware that the gutters should serve their ultimate purpose; to redirect rainwater smoothly to the downpipes.

Ever since they kept on hiring different gutter cleaning companies for the job and when they finally met us, that was when things started to change and be permanent. *In Rose’s voice* It’s been 84 years. Just kidding! Seriously, it was two weeks ago when we met the customer as they called our lines looking for gutter cleaning in Harkaway. Everything sailed smoothly and we were able to get her the earliest schedule we have.

Nap, one of our awesome gutter specialists in Harkaway, drove to the customer’s residence for the job. It was a triple-story home so first things first, safety. To give you some sort of background, the last time the customer had her gutters cleaned was six months ago and there was a bit of a problem that occurred.

During the last gutter cleaning, the customer wasn’t really happy with the results. There was still a bunch of dried leaves and rubble that were left and got stuck in the gutters. The customer felt she had been ripped off and was still frustrated about it. She usually has her gutters cleaned every year. Although this time had to be earlier as she wasn’t feeling confident about the gutters anymore.

We completely felt for the customer and made sure that Nap won’t disappoint as he is one of our best. He went down to business and started climbing the three-story home. Access was easy and Nap was able to come up safely to set up his equipment. Told you, he got it! He inspected the gutters and downpipes to see if there are more pressing issues but other than the minimal clogging, thankfully there were not.

Nap had to agree with the customer though, as there were heaps of bird poo, dried leaves, and dirt stuck in the gutters. Nap put his game face on and started cleaning out all that needs to be removed. It’s nasty dealing with bird droppings but hey, this is nature! He had to clean out the roof efficiently whilst stepping like a feather on the roof so there will be no dents or whatever.

The job was made easy of course by none other than our most powerful tool: Mr Gutter Cleaning’s industrial vacuum cleaner. If this was an ad, we sure hope this sells. Joshin! Going back, Nap was able to clean all the ugly stuff on the roof and the gutters and he also unclogged the downpipes to restore the seamless water flow. After he wrapped everything up, he showed the before and after photos to the customer.

The customer thanked us countless times and said that that was the quality of work she was hoping for. All her worries disappeared in thin air and for such a beautiful closure, she asked if we would be happy to do a yearly gutter cleaning for her. Come on, mate. Who wouldn’t be happy?! What made this extra special was gaining the trust of another customer—and we couldn’t be more glad. Thanks, Nap!

Trust is a core foundation of a business. To get that, high-quality service is a must! For gutter cleaning in Harkaway, we have a team of dashing and professional gutter heroes you trust. Call us now on 131149 and check out the list of services we offer!

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