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8th December, 2022

Leaf-and-Water Clogged Gutters saved by Mr Gutter Cleaning’s Expert

When things get out of our hands, everything gets messy and crazy! Sometimes, we lose track of all the things we need to do. So they get tangled all together and become one, a huge mess at once. When this happens, sometimes, all we need to do is get ourselves together and try to untangle the threads one step at a time. A bit time-consuming, but truly one of the wisest resolves we can do. Given the nature of work, our technicians meet countless people daily. Each is of different personality but all of them have a story that can sometimes really be uplifting. To tell the truth, this is a perk of this line of work. Sometimes, you get to form unexpected bonds and friendships with extraordinary people. Allow us to share a story about our customer in Silvan.

He was not a newbie in Silvan as he lived here for 20 beautiful years already. His parents passed down the lovely, two-story house to him when he was in his early twenties. He was such a cool guy and even shared his story about how he got his home and how he loves living in Silvan very much. This was where he placed himself and built a beautiful family. He made sure that the house is always in pristine condition by ensuring its regular maintenance.

From cleaning the interiors to meticulously checking every corner, we can confidently say that he was very keen on taking good care of his home. When the unfortunate pandemic took a huge turn in every person’s life, he suffered from this as well. He got used to working in the office for years but almost three years ago, he had to work at home. Well, all of us did!

Given how busy he was at work; he sometimes forgets about a crucial part of home maintenance—cleaning the clogged gutters. We are all guilty of this especially if our schedule is hectic. Why do gutters have to be cleaned? It is pretty obvious that when we neglect our gutters, they start getting clogged and when water gets trapped, it overflows and starts messing up whatever’s beneath it. If you are to place something near these water-filled gutters, then good luck!

The point is, it’s a chain reaction to the mess that we have to deal with. What’s the best thing we could do about gutter maintenance if we don’t have the luxury of time? The answer, our friends, is to hire professional gutter cleaners in the area. Doing this by yourself is all good but entrusting the job to trained professionals would be the best choice.

This was exactly what the customer did. He called Mr GutterCleaning to ask for a quote to clean his clogged gutters. After saying he was happy with the quotation, he immediately agreed to the available schedule. Since he didn’t have the luxury of time at this point, he decided to trust our local gutter experts in Silvan to sort his gutters out for him. Jessen, one of our gutter heroes in Silvan, went to help the customer out. He started checking if there were any issues with the gutters like holes and rusting but the good news was there were none.

Jessen then used a powerful industrial vacuum and let it do its magic. After draining the water from the gutters, he removed all the moist, dead leaves and cleared the downpipes to make way for the water flow. It was successful gutter cleaning work and after seeing how neat his gutters now are, he asked if we can regularly visit his gutters to make sure they are as lovely as ever. Jessen recommended booking an annual gutter cleaning and the customer said yes without hesitations!

If you don’t have time to clean your gutters, it’s always best to let the most trusted, professional gutter cleaning experts in Victoria. Mr GutterCleaning has the team you need to achieve the perfect gutters you don’t need to worry about. Call us on 131149 and we’ll arrange an appointment for you!

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