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18th November, 2022

An Undetected Plumbing Issue Resulted in Clogged Downpipes

There are certain times when things go completely wrong. The causes of several problems are undeniably heaps! In our line of work, meeting and dealing with gutters has always been both our day starters and enders. When tons of dirt or debris builds up, customers usually have problems with clogged gutter or downpipes and need a thorough cleaning.

Easy, if you think about it. Sometimes, the cause of clogged gutters isn’t what you thought it was. There are times when clogged gutters completely go wrong because they require a more serious solution. Let’s have a look at this customer’s experience in Mooroolbark. If you follow our weekly or monthly stories, this story is actually from a previous customer of ours. We did her gutter cleaning in Mooroolbark two months ago and everything went very, very smoothly. Our service greatly pleased her and she left an awesome review on our page.

Two days ago, she gave us a call asking for help with her gutters. We had a chat with her and she was a little confused as to why there was clogging in the gutters all of a sudden. She was a bit worried but we assured her that everything will work out fine. We booked another appointment for her the following day. She asked if we could send the same technician who went there and we happily said that it would surely be a pleasure. After solving this drama, the next step was to get into the property and see what the fuss was about.

Jessen, one of our professional gutter technicians in Mooroolbark, arrived on the property just in time and he wasted no second. He performed a quick inspection and it revealed that the entrance of the gutters and downpipes were clean and blockage-free. It was precisely in the clean state when he first worked on them two months ago. Jessen inspected and found out that the downpipes on the bullnose verandah were blocked underneath. It turned out not to be a gutter cleaning issue but a plumbing problem.

As we said, if it was only a light blockage at the gutter entrance, we could help but this one’s a bit tougher as the debris was stuck underneath. It requires the expertise of plumbers as there’s going to be a bit of going deeper in the downpipes and using consigned equipment for it. 

We let the customer know and apologised as that was already beyond our scope of work. Jessen badly wished he could help as the customer was very nice and understanding but the best measure was to leave the job to plumbing experts. As always, the customer understood and thanked us for inspecting her. Now, she knows who to call and help her resolve the problem.

It was still an amazing experience and our hero Jessen proceeded to his next job for that day. It’s important always to keep tabs on your gutters. Cleaning them regularly is a good move to ensure they are in optimal condition. A huge part of home maintenance is checking for plumbing issues as well. This should always be on your home maintenance checklist to ensure no issues like clogged drains, dripping faucets, and faulty water pressures can be prevented.

If you are a bit unsure of what to do, it’s only proper to call for plumbing experts near you. That’s something we’re looking forward to doing shortly so tune in! We’ll surely let you know. For now, if you need gutter cleaning experts in  Mooroolbark, then we are bloody up for the job!

There are no tough gutters for our team of dashing gutter cleaners so start dialling 13 11 49 today!

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