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24th August, 2022

Hero for a day—Gutter Expert Saves Gutters

Gutter Expert Saves Gutters

A lot of funny stuff happens daily. There are times that something could be really annoying, but it just turns out to be a laugh at the end of the day. The thing is, this can happen almost anywhere at any time. Well, life happens and we just have to deal with it and move on as if nothing happened. Whether we like it or not, face palms after a laugh is a gentle reminder that we can always bounce back from something that caused us a lot of inconveniences. Let’s talk about a fun day for our gutter hero, John.

John, one of our friendly technicians in St Kilda East went to a gutter cleaning job in the area in a nice, single-story home that has a lovely garden in the front yard. It was having a bit of an issue with the gutters as they hadn’t been cleaned in a while and were drenched in moss, dried leaves, and mud. You just have to add frogs, and voila, you’ve got a swamp in there!

Because the gutters were not maintained regularly, the gutters got filled with water quickly. This was due to the clogged downpipes which had become a lot worse because of continuous rain during the past week. If you ask, “Does rain clean the gutters?” The answer depends on how frequently your gutters are maintained. It surely can if water is redirected properly down cleaned pipes. However, if not, the opposite is obviously the outcome, and situations like those call for serious gutter cleaning.

Expert solution

We got the customer’s call and two days later the Customer Care Team had booked an appointment for John, one of our gutter experts in St Kilda East. It’s usually just a normal day when our techs do gutter cleaning work, but this day was a bit of a kerfuffle for John. According to John, the driveway was way too small to park his van in. So he had to climb the fence just to get into the backyard. It was a hearty laugh in the office the next day when he shared his experience with our team. Way to go, Peter Parker!

After John’s successful mission of climbing the customer’s fence, it was time for him to get his game face on and start doing his work in the gutters. He carefully inspected their condition to ensure they were intact despite being filled with water and all kinds of rubble for quite some time. It was good news after a thorough inspection. He found the condition of the gutters was intact with no holes after all. John had drained the water from the gutters by unclogging the downpipes first. He then used a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner to suck out all the nasty stuff that had accumulated in them.

A clean Gutter!

Time to say goodbye to the small community of tiny plants who lived there rent-free! After a tough day of hard work, John was able to finish the job and show the customer the before and after images of his gutters. The Customer apologized for making John jump the fence after John told him about his adventure, but John assured him it was completely fine. John had enjoyed being Spiderman for a day, no worries! Kidding aside, the customer was extremely happy with the results and couldn’t thank us enough for saving his swampy gutters!

If your gutters need saving, call us, the expert gutter cleaners to get the job done. We have available technicians around Victoria who are always ready to roll. We’re happy if our customers are happy. Call us today for gutter cleaning in St. Kilda East! Want to know more about our other services? Enquire from our customer care team today by dialing 13 11 49.

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